Mold Remediation

What is Mold?


Mold is a type of fungi that can be found in damp areas such as attics, basements, bathrooms, and areas around a pipe leak within homes. One of the most common type of mold found inside homes is called Stachybotrys or Black Mold.

Why must it be removed?


Mold spores are very tiny and light which allows them to become airborne quite easily. It isn't healthy to inhale any type of mold spores since some cause serious health problems that will not go away unless the mold is completely removed, even with medical treatment.

Why bring in a professional?


Some areas such as a bathtub can be cleansed of mold easily with a sponge due to its solid surface but other areas such as wood, drywall, insulation, and carpeting must be removed and replaced completely which requires a licensed mold remediation specialist. 

The Process


Once mold is detected and the cause is identified (i.e. leak) , the cause is repaired and the mold remediation specialist isolates the contaminated area in order to properly remove, clean, and repair the damage.

More than removal


After the mold- contaminated area (and of course the cause) is repaired, another test is taken to ensure no mold spores remain so that the mold does not re-grow.