Fire Cleanup

What is considered Fire Damage?


Fire Damage is referred to as the physical damage to an area that is the result of being burned. This damage is not only caused directly by flames but also due to smoke and other corrosive substances emitted by the fire that took place.

Undercover Damage


Smoke damage is the 'undercover damage' that is not seen but is lingering in the air after a fire has taken place. Smoke can be toxic and cling to your items, furniture, walls, and more even if it is not seen with the eyes. This damage, although not seen, is harmful to the health of those around the effected are which is why a professional must perform the cleanup. 

What Magnolia does to help


After we cleanup the obvious damage that is around the effected area, we begin to pack up your items to move to our secure location for evaluation/ cleaning (textile services/ content cleanup). We replace the damage done, clean the air, and then return your logged items back to you either washed thoroughly (ex: comforters) or inform your insurance for the items we could not restore/ clean.